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Only a quirk of America’s democratic system—namely, that the Electoral College occasionally hands power to someone who doesn’t receive the most votes—brought him to the Oval Office.

Over the past two years, he’s been one of the most consistently unpopular presidents in American history.

“He looks like Donald Trump, I know that.” Trump recently referred to Johnson as the “ What defines both leaders is that neither of them actually have a popular mandate to govern.

Trump received three million fewer votes than his opponent in the 2016 election, a fact that seems to constantly gnaw at him.

When enabled, VS Code will automatically do a case-sensitive search when you search for a query that contains an uppercase character.

If your search query is all lowercase, then the search will be case-insensitive.Last year’s midterms saw Democrats retake the House of Representatives by a substantial margin as a direct rebuke to his presidency. He won a seat in Parliament in last summer’s general election, where the Conservative Party also won the most seats overall in the House of Commons.But the British electorate did not vote for a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson; they voted for one led by Theresa May, who stepped down over the summer after a humiliating series of defeats in Parliament over her Brexit agreement with the European Union. In Trump’s case, the wall is a physical barrier stretching from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. Polls show that a majority of Americans oppose the wall either in full or as a priority.So do the cable-news talking heads whose shows Trump constantly watches.As a result, he’s more than willing to resort to drastic measures—from shutting down the government to secure funding to urging civil servants to violate the law—to hasten its construction. Brexit is also a wall of sorts—albeit a legal and psychic one—designed to separate Britain from the rest of the Europe.Both men rose to power by promising things that aren’t really feasible. For Johnson and his gang of Brexiteers, it was a British divorce from the EU in which everybody wins and nobody loses.