Both written parental consent and adolescent assent were obtained for study participation. The response rate for the overall study was 62% ( = 250) completed self-report measures concerning TDV experiences as well as interpersonal, intrapersonal, and environmental risk factors for TDV perpetration annually for 6 years.

While the students attended high school, assessments were completed during school hours in a private classroom.

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However, area under the curve (AUC) statistics may not adequately capture the incremental impact of additional indicators.

Instead, reclassification analyses may be a more sensitive approach for determining whether a novel indicator should be included within a multi-indicator screening approach.

We examined theoretically relevant, empirically validated predictors of TDV perpetration in a large sample of ethnically and racially diverse adolescents as they transitioned into emerging adulthood, a high-risk developmental transition for TDV perpetration.

We examined whether assessing these distinct risk factors led to better forecasts for future TDV perpetration compared with assessing TDV perpetration history alone.

Self-report measures concerning TDV and associated risk factors were completed annually for 6 years.

RESULTS: Results suggested that family violence (domestic violence exposure, maltreatment) together with deficits in conflict resolution incrementally improved our forecasts above and beyond lifetime history of physical TDV perpetration (net reclassification improvement = 0.44; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.30–0.59).Using a panel study design and translational analytic approach, we identified which factors conferred the greatest risk for prospective physical and sexual TDV perpetration.With our proposed algorithms, we offer the first empirically based assessment tools for TDV perpetration.and there are no studies in which they have been used within the context of TDV.With our study we aimed to create the first algorithms for physical and sexual TDV perpetration.An important priority for researchers with this agenda is to identify individuals who are at greatest risk to perpetrate TDV.