The greeting or opening of the conversation Most experts agree that it’s good practice to let customers know they are speaking to a machine rather than trying to pass off the interaction—and risk losing the trust of the person—as if it’s with a human. It’s also useful to share some common tasks the bot can help the person with.2.In addition, the way you greet the consumer is an important way of conveying personality. Expect unrelated questions When a human asks a bot a random question, it gives an opportunity for a connection with that person.Opportunities to leverage a chatbot’s personality Today, your chatbot’s personality is a competitive differentiator.

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When your bot uses the language, pop culture references and speaks to the life experiences of your primary demographic, it will more likely connect with your target market.4.

Develop your bot’s personality traits Some organizations will consider how the bot would react by using the five-factor model of personality.

Therefore, you can’t sacrifice the performance of the bot for its personality.

Once you ensure the performance of the bot, chatbots have the potential to become a key brand ambassador for your organization.

Other resources that are also handy would be social media strategies, buyer personas, and company style guides.3. Your chatbot should mirror the persona of your target market.

If your ideal customer is a millennial male who loves tech gadgets, the personality of your bot shouldn't mimic the demographics of that millennial male's mom.

It is important to keep this principle in mind and make use of it when creating responses that resonate with people.

Consumers will become frustrated with a bot similar to how they would with a human if their queries don’t produce a helpful response. Avoid repetitive responses It's important that your bot can clarify questions when they don't understand, and it can give the consumer a way out of the interaction.

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