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They are titled, "Alyssa", "Look In My Heart", "Best in the World", "Locked In a Dream" and "Do You See Me? During the animation of The Little Mermaid (1989), her picture was used to create the lead character, Ariel.

Coincidentally, her character on the WB television series, Võluvägi (1998), temporarily turned into a mermaid at the beginning of the fifth season. Her father went back into the house to save the dog, risking his own life. Amy Winslow; in Buying the Cow (2002), she played .... Amy Kayne; and played the female lead Amy Fisher in Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story (1993). She was a New York Yankees fan growing up in Brooklyn, but became a huge fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers when she moved to Los Angeles at age 12, and remains a Dodgers season-ticket holder.

After 18 months on the road Alyssa, who had begun to garner a reputation as an energetic and charismatic young actress, left Annie to be featured in off-Broadway productions and television commercials.

Then in 1983, at age 10, she landed her breakthrough role on the sitcom Who's the Boss?

However, it was Alyssa and not the sitter who was chosen from 1500 other girls for the role.

So at the tender age of seven, with her mother in tow, Alyssa joined the tour as July, one of the orphans.

"I worried about her, but it wasn't my place to say anything," explains Danza. Alyssa answered to the press that she already had an Italian father at home, and that she didn't need another one.

Is an accomplished recording artist whose five albums were released in Japan and each sold at least a million copies, going platinum.

Caused a stir with two of her Candies Print ads, one of which shows a man perfuming Milano's cleavage, while the other shows her standing before a medicine cabinet stocked with perfume and condoms.