The charges due, the scope of the services and the relevant payment methods applicable are explained during the purchase of the paid service.

Before a paid service is used, the customer must be notified that the service in question is provided at a charge and informed of what payments will be due upon purchase.

The services offered by be2 include the following (see also "3.

Registration via the be2 i OS App requires the prior download of the App via the Apple i Tunes App Store.

Registration via the be2 Android App requires the prior download of the App via the Google Play Store.

In such an event, any amount up to 350 $ CA already paid to be2 will not be refunded but retained as a penalty.

be2 also reserves the express right to demand a flat-rate penalty of up to 350 $ CA from customers who have paid no amount or an amount lower than 350 $ CA.

Such mutual agreement can be established if a customer sends his/her anonymous abridged profile to the other customers whom he/she has selected (referred to as "establishing contact").

This other customer can then decide if he/she would like to reply or not.

the other be2 customers who have been recommended to him/her.