He was licking her hole and whining, but she was disinterested.

The sounds of his tongue lapping all over her was too hot, and I had the thought in my head–she should feel like a lucky bitch to have that sort of tongue work done.

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It wasn’t one of the larger ones, but it was big enough to stuff in my pussy. If I was going to spend a weekend with my “friends” what I started doing was plugging my pussy after every fuck with one of the dogs.

At the end of the day I went to the loft bedroom and sat on the bed, in front of the full length mirror, and unplugged myself, squeezing and watching the warm cum slide out. I did eventually get knotted to my Alpha, Samson, and if anyone wants to hear about it I’d be happy to share!

My dad loved dogs, as he had a lot of property and valuables he recruited any strays, feeding them and making them our watch dogs.

I was the teenager who loved animals, and used to ride around on my mountain bike with all of them.

I got Samson to mount me about three weeks after I saw his exposed cock.

Samson is a perfect name for this dog too–he was part St.I had the thought to give him a blowjob, but I was too scared.He ended up humping into my hand and I started masturbating while I jerked him off, I was so hot.They got red, they chafed, they ached, but then they started making milk!!!!Like a true bitch, I would sit on the cabin porch and hold the puppies up to my now stiff nipples and let them suck.That is, until Samson barked at me to get in the position as it were.