It was about the only thing she didn't get a really good look into and it became a bit of a mystery. Belinda slightly scared herself with that last question, but it caused her hand to move quickly onto her own button. Belinda thought, "Shit, nice looking kid, but, ugh.

How big were her lips, did she still smell of cherry when her legs were spread? Belinda gave up and just went with the fantasy, rubbing herself feverishly until she came, nearly yelling loudly but stifling her voice at the last second. I do NOT need this." She later noticed his parents going into the room and thought, "I wonder what kind of reaction I'd get if I told them what had happened?

They had chatted a few times in the employee's cafeteria when she would come in early or he stayed late or covered a front desk slot during the day. She didn't feel like..she DID feel like she needed another one, but why risk the time.

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Belinda dating house video

That one time she and roommate Heidi had played with themselves was very exciting while it was happening, but it left Belinda uncomfortable. It's trimmed so nice too." She then gave it a little stroke with her hand. Rachel's little feel never went farther than just those two little strokes. I should consider doing this myself after all," said Belinda. Keeps everything smooth and smelling nice." She pushed her mound towards Belinda's nose and Belinda took in the scent, her nose just brushing above Rachel's womanhood. Rachel talked about her ex-husband who was a sweet guy but may have been gay.

She continued to room with her, but became very shy whenever Heidi was around. If Rachel was planning on having sex, what would she do? "I've always loved that old 70's porn look but their pubes were sometimes out of control. There was nothing really sexual about it, just like feeling a soft sweater. It's almost an addiction and I love how thorough they get at my salon." Rachel got up from the bed, stood in front of then turned away from Belinda, bent way over and pulled her butt cheeks apart inches from Belinda's face. If you had told me I'd be doing that 10 years ago, I'd have laughed in your face." Belinda looked at Rachel's immaculate bum. She raised her hand and let the back of her middle finger slowly glide between the cheeks and over the little flower. Then Rachel went back to her side of the bed like nothing different was going on. Belinda talked about her job, her boyfriends and various subjects.

Belinda Carlisle sings and dances as she stands on a California beach near... Clips of her and her boyfriend embracing and driving through town play throughout.

Belinda Carlisle sings and dances as she stands on a California beach near the ocean.

As Gertrude left, Belinda contemplated that she had nothing to change into. We'll have a nice chat I guess and that band did sound pretty good." Her mind was made up. " And stripped off her clothes and went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and stepped in. " Belinda suddenly had a vision of a dozen people entering the room and feeling suddenly extremely embarrassed and vulnerable but Rachel assured her that no one else was going to be there.

When she got to room she knocked and was greeted by Rachel's voice. " "Me, Belinda, the maid," replied Belinda after a brief thought of scampering off. As she soaped up, she was somewhat expecting Rachel to join her and was unsure if that was what she wanted. She also explained to Belinda why she was staying at the hotel. Her belly was a little big for a girl of 5'5" and her thighs and hips were a bit bigger than she would prefer. The few guys she dated had used the term magnificent at least twice each. Women tended to be the most critical, so this was very refreshing.

Next time I'm in town, we really have to get together again." Belinda was enveloped in an emotional typhoon. I love being alone but now and then, I'll just want to pass the time with someone special. Room 511 had been trashed by a few teenagers who had stayed the night before.

She was tired but ready to stay up all night with Rachel. She was hurt that Rachel was just ending this so abruptly and yet relieved that nothing really happened and yet disappointed that nothing really happened. You're special." She walked off giving a little wave. When she walked in the door, she stripped off every article of clothing and jumped on the bed. She pictured Rachel when she first walked into the room. She thought about it the whole day, that evening and even when she was having dinner at her parents' house on Saturday. The police had come and locked them up around 4 a.m. Belinda averted her eyes (after checking him out) and said, "Ah, kid, I'll come back.

But anyway," continued Rachel, "I just hope I didn't startle you." "No, well, a little, but hey, you're so relaxed, you've relaxed me too," lied Belinda.