Doing so may have been problematic: the 8330 has calendar, whereas I maintain multiple calendars in Calendar.

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Continually requesting calendar information for non-current teams creates unneccesary strain on the website.

We will provide some basic instructions for using the calendar feed from this website for some of the most common scenarios, including Microsoft Outlook® 2007 & 2010, Apple i Phone™, and Google Calendar™.

Google Calendar™ Users: For several years, many users of Google Calendar have reported that calendar feeds only update once per day, and there is no option to allow the user to update more frequently (or on-demand).

Because of this, changes made to the schedule on the website may take at least one day before being updated in your Google Calendar.

Your humble author has been a late adopter when it comes to the i Phone.

Until recently, I've used a Blackberry Curve 8330 mobile phone since late 2008.Black Berry® Users: For devices running Black Berry OS 10 (BB10) or higher, the calendar feeds should work just fine.However, prior to BB10 RIM had decided not to support "over-the-air" calendar feeds in their devices so they won't work.For more detailed instructions than those provided here (or for instructions about a different scenario), consult the documentation for your program / device, or search the web for "Import Calendar Feed Into [ Use the steps found above to select the team(s) you wish to include, optionally including alerts for certain event types, to generate your calendar feed address (located in the box for step 3 above).Once you have your customized address to the calendar feed, you can import it into your calendar.Unfortunately, the Blackberry's trackball was beginning to give up the ghost: I was regularly resorting to the well-known trick of locking the phone and rubbing the trackball on a clean sheet of paper.