The site has also embraced mutual matching and offers an equal pay structure for male and female members.

Date British no longer offers a free-for-all where a user can send a message to anyone on the site.

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Ben hustled to meet this high demand by recruiting his single friends, acquaintances, and even strangers at soccer matches to join the network.

The dating site grew by word-of-mouth and has successfully fostered thousands of international relationships.

That really gives a level of credibility to the website and the user.” As an additional layer of security, members must pay $1 for a three-day trial on Date British

During this time, they can test out the communication and matching features to see if it’s worth paying a monthly membership.

The team took a year and a half to develop, design, and perfect a new version of the dating site, which is now live.

The new version is mobile-first, meaning it caters to folks browsing for dates on their phones.

“I think that’s quite doable.” The premise of Date British Guys naturally appeals to single American women — hey, it worked out well for Meghan Markle — and the needs of single women have always been paramount to the dating site’s team.

By fostering a female-friendly environment, the niche dating site has helped singles around the world feel comfortable forming genuine relationships online.

Instead, the dating site has adopted a mutual matching system where singles can only communicate once both have expressed interest by Hotlisting each other.