He gave me a few choices, and I thought about it for a while. It was simple, guttural and to the point, but it had a certain power to it. Friday night, Tyrell sent us pictures of his hard cock. "Hey Slut." A deep baritone emanated from my phone's speaker. "Moan for me, moan for that cock." I did as I was bid. Cam walked into the kitchen and came back with the phone. "That's a good girl." Tyrell said calmly but commandingly.

Tyrell said I could pick something, as long as it was filthy. "I can't hear you." Tyrrell said in an almost sing-songy way.

" I asked in a breathy voice, trying both to get into the spirit of things and to gage his reaction. I don't know what it was, but I was extremely turned on by He was also to be obeyed by both Cam and I at all times during the date, though we were given a "safe word" to use if things went "too far" or if one of us became too uncomfortable.

His name was Tyrell but apparently I was to call him "Sir", "Master" or "Daddy" at all times.

My body shuddered, I all but flooded my pyjama pants, and my mouth let out an involuntary squeal. "See you two tomorrow night." He hung up suddenly and in the post-orgasm clarity, I started to wonder what I was doing. Two weeks ago, we'd looked at minivans for Christ's sake. When we arrived at the bar Saturday night, I was practically trembling.

I had just masturbated over the phone for a stranger. I realized in that clarity that everything up to that point in my life had followed a pattern. I grabbed onto Cam's arm, but he was trembling as well.

When he reached our table, he reached out and shook Cam's hand. " Tyrell asked with sensitive note in his rumbling voice. Tyrell took my hand in both of his and looked deep into my eyes. I tried to be nonchalant, I bit my lip to stifle a moan. I thought about riding it in the back seat of our sedan while Cam tried to drive us to a hotel. I stood up, suddenly self conscious about how wet I was.

His were the color of fresh brewed, lightly creamed coffee. I looked up at my husband, his green eyes were studying my face in amazement. He had to be thinking about that big, black cock hammering my tight little pussy. I looked around the room, expecting to see everyone staring, but everyone was involved in their own conversations .He strode through the room exuding an aura of unshakable confidence. Then he guided my hand down to the crotch of his pants and placed it on his throbbing cock. "The little Slut's so wet, I'm not sure we'd make it all the way there." Tyrell said matter-of-factly.He smiled at us as he approached and it made me wet. "She'd be riding my cock in the backseat before we left the parking lot." I my face flushed hot with embarrassment, and then even hotter as he slid two fingers inside of me. "Go to the bathroom and write 'Property Of A Big Black Cock' on one of those incredible tits, then come back." He commanded.It felt like everyone was staring at me, and even though I knew they weren't, I loved it. I realized that I'd written it as much for him as I had for myself. I can't wait any longer." I moaned in Tyrell's ear. We'll be right behind you." Tyrrell said, straining to remain calm as I ground against him.Shameless in my growing hedonism, I strode back to the table and sat back in Tyrell's lap, wiggling my ass against his cock as I did so. "Yeah, yeah okay." Cam stammered, then he got up and hurried off. Grinning, I started toward the lingerie section intending to find something really sexy, but Cam stopped me and waved the phone scoldingly. I walked over to my husband, my face hot from excitement and embarrassment at the same time. It was totally taboo, totally unlike me, totally unlike us.