Cake PHP handles its validation through the model itself in one of two ways.The first uses a single test against each field defined in a validate variable declared in the model.

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I almost fear putting this kind of post together as it's bound to pull the fanatics (in the negative sense of the word) out of the woodworks.

Right off the bat, let me just say that I've tried to be as fair and honest in this assessment and I've tried to keep it just to the facts while interjecting what my preferences are.

A set of rules get defined and assigned to the validation object.

The validation object automatically (I assume) validates the data passed via the URL or form. The validation class can also help automate some of the process of setting error messages for specific fields.

I prefer not to have to use the keyword as I sometimes build personal projects not intended for public eyes and using a keyword would be a nuisance. I believe much of Code Igniter's appeal is its simplicity in its approach.

Most of the work is done in the controller, loading in libraries, getting data from the model, and pulling in the view.

Scaffolding is meant for simple prototyping and Code Igniter takes it a step further by requiring a keyword in the URL to even access the scaffolding.

I'm guessing one could omit the keyword, leaving this feature essentially optional.

Everything is in plain sight and you can really see how things work.