Our role in investigations is three-fold: to investigate crimes, develop crime prevention strategies and tactics, and assist crime victims. Technology plays a major role in efforts to reduce crime.Investigators use state-of-the-art exterior camera views along with other technologies in order to help them investigate matters to their fullest.

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University Police Officers maintain a high level of visibility on campus, which helps create a strong connection with the community.

Linked through our state-of-the-art communication center, our officers patrol campuses 24 hours a day on foot, in cars, and on bicycles.

The University Police Communications unit consists of twelve full time dispatchers.

Often, the public's first contact with University Police is with one of these trained dispatchers.

Community Service Officers (CSO) perform security functions for student housing, and complete a 8 week field training program specific to the University of Nebraska so they may better serve the campus community as first responders.

CSO's are an important component in the security of the campus as they serve as additional eyes and ears to police officers.

The mission of the University Police Department is to provide an environment of safety and security which ensures a peaceful quality of life in the university community by establishing collaborative partnerships with students, faculty, staff and visitors.

University Police Officers are committed to providing a professional and full service police department to the University.

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