Losing forever some of the most unique characteristics of historical interest.Historical relocation on the other hand is more cost effective and ultimately better for the historical preservation of these monumental historical sites.If you remove your ad-hoc sections, you'll lose access to the cross-listed courses (but your rosters will remain in the primary site).

We can move anything regardless of weight, shape, size, age or distance.

Although based in Fort Myers, Florida we serve clients all throughout the United States and even across the world.

We are confident that we can meet what ever need or challenge you face. 239-334-2192 See our story which made the December 2006 Structural Mover Magazine Cover Story.

, the process of combining the enrollments from two or more sections in one course is called cross-listing.

Historical building relocation is an effective way to preserve historical structures.

Working with the Division of Historic Preservation and with community activists we can preserve historical buildings and consolidate historical sites.

Dismantle and Reconstruct - Some have chosen to dismantle historical buildings and to reconstruct them.

This creates problems and always ultimately destroys some of the most detailed work that can never be recreated.

These can create cultural centers for community education as well as income potential for city and towns by charging small entry fees to preserve and protect these important historical sites.

Moving Historical Buildings - Old historical buildings are more fragile and require a greater degree of expertise to ensure they are properly preserved.

Never trust the moving of these historical buildings to just anyone.