Growing your love for them will help heal your own grieving heart.

If you are a recently widowed father, know that you will find lots of support and help as you are open to it.

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Sometimes, connecting with a good family therapist and taking advantage of his or her professional training can yield big dividends.

Check with your employer about resources that might be available through an employee assistance plan (EAP). There are few things more tragic in a family's life than losing a mother and wife.

The more routine tasks can be "automated," the easier the transition will be.

Getting organized for things like laundry, shopping, and cleaning will help ease the transition of a widowed father to single parenting and will take some of the stress off of daily life. Many newly widowed fathers neglect their own physical, mental or emotional health while going through the transition.

They rightly focus on their own children, but they may be driving themselves into trouble if they don't exercise, eat right and make time for spirituality.

Consider exercising with the kids, or getting up a little earlier than the kids do to allow for a little meditation, pondering, or spiritual focus.

Take some time in the summer for a family vacation, even if it has to be modest to be affordable.

Whatever those traditions are, hang onto them as a family. Many of the family routines may have been Mom's responsibility and now it falls to the widowed father to take them on.

Some of these dads even get together for playgroups during the week or on weekends so the kids can play and interact while you connect with the other dads. Being a widowed father is more than a full-time job, especially when it is early in the process.

Dating too soon after the death of your wife can cause some complications in the process for your kids and for you. As much as you are missing your recently departed spouse, your kids are missing their mom even more.

A little investment in your personal strength will help you bear the burden of single fatherhood and grieving a bit better. In most areas, there are support groups for those who have survived the death of a spouse.