A person of questionable moral character is not someone you want to build a life with.

Befriend them, witness to them, but don’t date them--it will only lead to heartache. Decide not to get bent out of shape over the screw-ups.

You need deepening connections in all these areas, not just one. Talk about them and make plans explicitly on how you can grow together appropriately if needed.

Danger or trouble in one area is a red flag for them all.

The world of dating relationships is riddled with challenges to maneuver.

How do you find the right one to walk with you through life? Are there rules, benchmarks, or steps for measuring the depth and health of a relationship?

Your partner is broken too, and you will step on each other's toes.

Expect a little conflict, and decide to treat relationship missteps as opportunities to learn and grow together.

Let your sense of self-worth come from your identity as a child of God and not from what other people think about you.

Don’t let your insecurities keep you from reaching out and stepping into a relationship.

There may be people that you love who would like to see you find a relationship quickly, but don’t feel pressured to comply.

Choosing the person with whom you want to spend your life should be a selective process. Relationships are built over time, and should never be rushed into, neither because of your parents nor because you feel the senior scramble pressure before graduation. If you've got someone in mind, feel free get to know each other in group settings. If you are in too much of a hurry then you will be tempted to settle for less than God desires for you.

Our culture says religion is about trivial preferences, but true religion is the foundation for how we order our lives. Don't put your relationship with God in second place to enter a romantic relationship.