You hardly notice it when people do this, because it comes out as a joke.

When you look past the surface, however, you’ll see that it’s just someone being mean for the sake of cheap entertainment.

[Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend] #3 He criticizes you unnecessarily. When someone criticizes you for things that don’t bother you, like your sense of style or your harmless routines, you better get out of there fast, because this person is trying to change you, and not necessarily for the better.

#4 He points out that he likes women who are nothing like you.

That’s not the kind of review that you can trust, anyway; you’re better off asking the girls themselves—and they’ll all tell you the same thing: he’s an ass. This is probably the most subtle way an asshole can get away with being a shithead.

You ask for something reasonable *like his time*, and he’ll say yes and try to provide that for a while.

[Read: 10 signs you’re dating a self-obsessed narcissist] #7 He doesn’t ask what he did wrong and blames you immediately.

When you reject a guy like this, it won’t be pretty.

One of the most annoying traits of assholes is their inconsistency.

They think that they’re right most of the time, but when a fiercer alpha male defies them, they end up whimpering, with their tail tucked between their legs.

Determining whether or not one of your suitors fits the bill can be a difficult task; some jerks are hard to weed out. Using these easy identifiers, you can determine whether your partner is a jerk—or a gem. The obvious assholes want everyone to know that they can get away with anything, even if that isn’t true.