only come into play when you’re trying to value the amplifier in the Blue Book for Guitar Amplifiers per the model description that is provided.

dating blues deluxe amp-26

Vintage Tweed Fenders used 3/8" plywood for the baffle that resonated along with the speaker.

At Carl's Custom Amps I often use this design inmy amps for an organic 50's sound.

There are other ways but the above is a more accurate method.

Per Blue Book and Fender Consumer Relations Department.

⦁ Tube sockets are PCB mounted a cause damage if a tube's screen resistor blows. Vintage Fenders are hand-wired with chassis mounted tube sockets and do not have these problems.

⦁ The Blues Deluxe uses 6L6GC power tubes like many vintage Fender Amps for round top end and slightly scooped mids.

: The transformer number tells you when the transformer was made and not necessarily the date the amplifier left the Fender Factory, the “2 Letter” date code on the Tube Chart or QA Sticker actually tells you that and that makes it the most accurate option for dating the month and year it was made....

The type of face, grille cloth, type and number of speakers, type and number of knobs, etc.

⦁ PCB Board rather than hand wired: keeps the labor cost low, makes the amp hard to repair and PCB board causes layout difficult and tonal loss due to stray capacitance since all components are on one physical plain and placed close together.