There's nothing better than a romantic meal with someone who appreciates the combination of the dish you've cooked with the wine you've carefully chosen.

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It’s called a “foodie call.” Sure, you could argue that you don’t know if you really like someone until you have an actual date with them, but if there’s zero chemistry when you meet on a dating app or are introduced through mutual friends and you know you don’t want a relationship with someone, agreeing to go out for food with them because they’re paying and you’re hungry is straight up wrong.

A shocking number of women are doing this, unfortunately.

At the end of the night, leftovers of sea bass, short rib, and chicken and crepes in tow, Caroline thanks Dev for dinner, and suggests a sushi restaurant for a second date the following week.

Between 23 percent and 33 percent of women have engaged in a foodie call, according to two new surveys of approximately 1,250 women across the country conducted by researchers at Azusa Pacific University and the University of California Merced.

According to the study, the women who admitted going on foodie calls scored much higher in what is known as the “dark triad” of personality traits.

“Several dark traits have been linked to deceptive and exploitative behavior in romantic relationships, such as one-night stands, faking an orgasm, or sending unsolicited sexual pictures,” Collisson explained.

In the first study, 820 survey-takers were asked how often they’d foodie called, how acceptable they found foodie calling to be, their belief in traditional gender roles, and the extent to which they identified with dark triad personality traits.

Collisson and Howell found that all of these qualities were, in fact, statistically correlated with each other: Respondents who identified with dark triad statements also happened to be those who had foodie-called.

If you don’t like someone, don’t go out with them—or at least be prepared to split the bill.

Using someone for free food or anything else is tacky, gross, and just wrong. If you become a couple later on, you’ll have plenty of time to treat each other then.

Just as you wouldn’t want to be used by someone, don’t do that to anyone else.