The reason for this was to ensure that the rear sight would not move at all during firing and would remain fixed in its relationship with the front sight.

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The Olympic Citation was made chambered for the .22 Short cartridge and featured a special barrel fitted with movable weights and a muzzle brake to minimize muzzle flip.

As I recall this pistol had the older style “slant” grip which provided a greater grip angle which kept the top of the shooter’s wrist and hand in flat alignment enabling an excellent and instinctive grip.

Supermatic Citation Model 107 (Lot: 381) The High Standard Supermatic pistols have excellent and adjustable triggers on many models and have acquired a reputation as accurate and dependable pistols.

If you have one at home you might just want to dust it off and spend some time re-discovering it.

(Picture courtesy paladin85020, smithandwessonforum). One interesting feature of these High Standard pistols is that the barrel is made to be easily removable and these pistols were sometimes sold with interchangeable barrels so they could be used for different pistol matches or for small game hunting or casual plinking.

Barrel removal is as simple as depressing the button at the front of the frame just below the barrel.

It was a pistol that not only pointed instinctively but one that remained rock steady as it was fired making the Olympic Rapid Fire match as easy as it can be made to be.

The Supermatic was set up for the ISSF Standard Pistol Match with a bull barrel and regulation 1,000gram trigger pull. High Standard’s original factory was in Hamden, Connecticut but this factory burned to the ground in the mid seventies forcing the move to Hartford, Connecticut.

His travels have taken him to Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan and a number of other countries.

He has studied the Japanese sword arts and has a long history of involvement in the shooting sports, which has included authoring submissions to government on various firearms related issues and assisting in the design and establishment of shooting ranges.

Amongst collectors and enthusiasts the Hamden made pistols are more highly prized and have a reputation for excellence in manufacture.