This means many end up marrying the first woman they date upon completing service around 30 years old.

No matter what country you’re from, there seems to be this general consensus: Dating is tough. Many find dating apps and websites helpful in seeing who’s out there and getting to know new people.

From the awkward first rendezvous to meeting the parents, searching for Mr. But how does dating work in other countries — particularly in places where free speech and romantic expression is limited?

uk notes the regime likes young women to stay innocent as well.

This means there’s no sex education, as remaining pure and abstaining from sex until marriage is expected.

Men who have completed military service, have gone to a notable college, and are part of the Workers’ Party are seen as the most desirable bachelors.

When the wedding bells ring in North Korea, the ceremony is certainly different than anything you’ve ever experienced.

The concept of a honeymoon or partying beyond the one day of the wedding is a foreign idea.

While ordinary citizens are required to keep any public displays of affection under wraps, it seems the same rules do not apply to the rich and powerful.

But this never really worked, the exiled North Korean states.