Kaiba has shown many times, however, that he himself would make a great friend, for example by helping out the entire cast when they were stuck in the VR world by the Big Five.If he had not stalled then the others would not have made it out.

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Kaiba was a master strategist in all kinds of games, winning his adoption through a game of chess against a chess champion while still a very young child, then taking over the company with his ruthless yet prodigal business skills.

At just the age of 10 he managed to get a 10,000% return on a 2% share of Kaiba Corp in just one day Kaiba's real skill, however, is in his understanding of technology.

In numerous tournaments throughout the series he placed in the top 3 every time.

Alexis was still going to school to develop her duelling skills, while Kaiba is a national and international champion.

As Eric Stuart, foremost authority on Seto Kaiba, said: "He's a pretty deep guy".

Kaiba does have some difficulty relating to people, which is understandable given his circumstances.

This is for the nerd & fandom event of the DDO olympics. This debate shall be about who is the best character in media created by the yu-gi-oh franchise, including comics, the TV show and the collectible card game.

Whoever is the most convincing of whether their chosen character is superior ought to be who you vote for. Rules are simple - 4 rounds, with actual debating starting in round 2.

Kindness Although he was capable of being ruthless and cunning, Kaiba from an early age actually challenged these things.

He built theme parks and transformed his weapons company into a games company.

GX), but there is one in particular I like: ALEXIS RHODES Alexis is a strong female Duelist from the Obelisk Blue dormitory at Duel Academy as well as one of Jaden's closest friends.