Like the time when he was rumored to be married to David Geffen, a producer worth millions of dollars. He's one of the most beautiful men she's ever met but he just doesn't do anything for her. She also said that she celebrated her birthday on the set of 'Idaho', that she went to Gus Van Sant's house and that 'there was a lot of everything' going on. It was 1990 and the actress (Chiara Caselli) flirted with him in My Own Private Idaho. But he didn’t turn me on…” In 2003 on the set of Something's Gotta Give, Diane Keaton kisses Keanu Reeves (then 39) and Jack Nicholson (68). Of all the love scenes I still have the exact feeling of how terribly freezing it was on the set.

The story was never dismissed, and is still be talked about today. About the distance he keeps towards women, there are strange clues. She says: “I remember the hugging, especially because it was cold and it kept us warm. Then she surprisingly declares she felt more comfortable with old Jack. We shot in an old country cottage with no heating system.

Apart from her acting career, she proves herself as a successful writer, photographer, and an editor.

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We met him in Rome, while he was promoting 'Constantine', released in cinemas on Feb. The movie, directed by Francis Lawrence, is based on a comic book created by Alan Moore in the early 90's. The ‘Actor’s Studio’ method and its extreme consequences. As soon as the book is mentioned, Keanu Reeves straightens on his chair and gives me a 'You don't honestly believe the book is accurate, do you? Is he upset because he wasn't offered a part in the upcoming movie? On the set of ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ I could admire up close Jack Nicholson’s greatness. A: Instead of trailers we had a kind of tiny hovels, like 3sq ft: it was a low-budget film, we had to do as best as we could. My birthday was during the shooting, so we threw a bash at Gus’s place. A: He had this formerly-penniless-director home on Portland’s hills. A: …that parties at Gus’s were extremely entertaining.

The main character is an exorcist and a heavy smoker suffering from lung cancer. Is it true that you met an exorcist to prepare for this movie? It seems incredible, but in Hollywood there are consultants of every kind. It’s incredible that this world has such a wonderful actor! It's odd, as he is one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever met. And I remember we had a great time: they were all boys, including the technical staff. It was made of wood, huge, with all these people coming and going.

She is in the seventies but still not backing up from her work.

Diane Keaton is an inspiration for upcoming generations.

You've got to find this understandable: over his 40 years of life, he's had to cope with a father in prison, a still-born child, a girlfriend who died in an accident, and a sick sister. Unfortunate accumulator of personal tragedies, or extremely reserved because he has nothing to say? Our mind is much more elastic than scientific assumptions would have it. ‘Speed’, ‘Little Buddha’, ‘Matrix’ or even the comedy ‘Something’s Gotta Give’. What you see on the screen is the result of a dialogue between myself and the character. It’s about the people you meet, the memories you have.

Good actor, or beautiful, hopeless actor who just miraculously managed to pick the right movies, in particular the 'Matrix' trilogy that banked over 1.5 billion dollars worldwide? From a neurological point of view, it is said that the creative part of the brain is the left side, but I don’t believe it’s necessarily true.

I was never approached for the part, I’m too old for ‘Superman’.

Even if the idea could have brought a certain elixir of youth.

In real life, Keanu is about 1.9 meters tall, has an evasive smile, a warm voice, and manly non-manicured hands. I console myself by thinking it won’t hurt me too much as I started quite late. So I went to see this guy, very nice, very intelligent. He taught me the technical gestures, but we didn’t talk about religion or philosophy, only about the practical aspects of exorcism. As for Bernardo Bertolucci, we haven’t seen each other in a very very long time but we greet each other through mutual acquaintances. But still now, when I see him on the screen, I don’t find him sexy, as a viewer.