She cuddles up to him and, to his surprise, asks, "Did you have a good day at school? Later that night, Helen wakes and walks to the living room to find Adam crying and apologizing; she tells him she wants him to stay, and they make love.

Anthony plots to accuse Adam of having sexual relations with Anthony's wife so that he can shame and manipulate Adam to give up his time with Mary over the weekend.

Anthony demands Adam's clothes and car keys in order to get things even by taking Mary out for a romantic weekend getaway.

Searching online, Adam identifies the actor as Anthony Claire, whose stage name is Daniel Saint Claire.

Adam rents the other two films in which Anthony has appeared and becomes obsessed with the man, who appears to be his physical doppelgänger.

Adam tries to adjust as Anthony in front of Helen, but it appears that she is not fooled by his attempts.

However, she conceals her suspicions to Adam and asks him to join her in bed, pretending as though she has not noticed the switch.Wickman suggests that Enemy is "a parable about what it's like to live under a totalitarian state without knowing it," and adds that the central irony is that even though the main character is an expert on the ways of totalitarian governments, he does not see the web that has overtaken the city until he is already stuck in it.To Wickman, Enemy suggests that this tendency to create totalitarian regimes is part of human nature, that it comes from within us; Enemy received generally positive reviews from critics, with many critics comparing the movie's style and atmosphere favorably to the works of David Lynch.Adam stalks Anthony, visiting his agency and discovering where he lives.Upon driving to Anthony's apartment, Adam calls Anthony's home on a payphone, which Anthony's wife, Helen, answers.Helen later confronts Anthony about the phone call and Adam's existence, but Anthony insists he knows nothing about Adam.