I had always assumed that my fiancée had never been harassed or assaulted. She patiently informed me that she had, on several occasions, been catcalled, groped, and propositioned—as if that was an inevitable fact of life.I always knew that sexual assault was a reality, but I had always thought it happened to other people, people I didn't know and love and care about, and definitely not me. I have always loved my mom, but after being in a relationship with a feminist, I can appreciate my mom in a whole new way. and her Nurse Practitioner's license before practicing at a nursing home.

As a result, boys wind up (also thanks to movies, music, sports, and advertising) using anger as a catch-all response. Seriously though, we each have our strengths and weaknesses and we don't let gender determine them. Don't ever tell my fiancée that she can't do something.

I can't say that I wasn't, in some ways, similar. She deals with moldy food (I am nauseous just thinking about it) and bugs. She stares down hard work and dirty jobs and makes anyone who doubts her toughness and stubbornness apologize for questioning her in the first place. Similar to number one, my fiancée has taught me that I didn't have to pretend to be things I'm not.

She patiently, yet firmly, helped me become a full-aware advocate for not only gender equality, but equality of all kinds.

I mean, I knew the language (everything is problematic because of our suffocating, heteronormative patriarchy) and I was pretty clear on the third-wave message (don't be a tool), but I was ignorant on many gender-defined issues.

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It is hosted by the Universities of the Witwatersrand and Western Cape, the African Population and Health Research Centre and the Nigerian Academy of Science.I chose Bumble because it was rumoured to have more professional men than other apps and I was intrigued by its signature design where women ask men out.Self described as “100 percent feminist,” Bumble’s unique approach has generated significant social buzz and it has over 50 million users.Meanwhile, I complained to my brand new primary that I wasn't sleeping well and I was immediately referred to a specialist who immediately scheduled a sleep study. The patriarchal system in which we participate is to blame for a whole host of problems that both men and women have to deal with—football players at all levels would rather scramble their brains than take themselves out of a game after a concussion, while women are starving themselves to meet a beauty standard that is not only unrealistic, but impossible.Both sexes are governed by a complex set of oppressive gender roles that do harm on both sides.Western University provides funding as a member of The Conversation CA-FR.