Talk to friends and family about these feelings and they may be able to allay any negative thoughts you’re having about dating.

If you cast your mind back to when you were single, and how you felt about yourself and your identity, it might help you to feel more confident about yourself now.

Many success stories of widows and widowers who have connected and started dating again after losing their partner.

Whether you’ve been widowed for three months or three years, try and imagine you’re about to go on a first date.

Does the prospect of inviting some romance back into your life fill you with enthusiasm?

If there was some sort of catalyst that brought you to this moment, what was it and are you sure this is not just a ‘knee jerk’ reaction? It may be that there are people close to you who think it would be a good idea for you to start dating, but this may not be the right move for you at this moment in time.

This being the case let them know you’ll consider this option when the time is right, but currently, you’re comfortable being single.

Are you sufficiently ‘healed’ to entertain thoughts of romance with someone new?

Accept that whoever might bring this romantic attachment is someone who could bring you happiness and contentment in their own way and not someone you should compare with your late partner.

As a widow, being invited out to dinner, the theatre or cinema, etc.

could be an aspect of being single that you dread rather than look forward to.

It’s no surprise that widows contemplating another relationship often suffer immense feelings of guilt, and this is not to be ignored.