You'll learn how to do this with our patented Intrigue Ping methodology.

because I just didn't want to compete with guys in their 20's for women.

So, I used Shogun Method back on my ex whom I still loved... By the time I was at the "A" stage she was already agreeing to get back together. And now we are starting afresh, and it feels great!

Members of MKDELTA dissected insidious Mind Control techniques that put their victims into a During the three years I was in the group I completely immersed myself in Mind Control techniques, and I ended up formulating a step-by-step Method on how to use stealthy Mind Control techniques on women to generate raw, almost Women have a flaw embedded deep inside their minds which make them vulnerable to men who know how to exploit that flaw. Of course, if you are a healthy, red-blooded male, then you'll be turned on more by that sexy lingerie model than that old woman. For us guys, our Attraction Buttons are pushed when we see specific is the world’s one and only dating system built on military-grade Mind Control technology.

The existence of this flaw in the female mind had been scientifically established by famous psychologists like Carl Jung, Alfred Kinsey and Sigmund Freud. it's because she pushes every Attraction Button which is hard-wired into our male brains. First, look at this picture:- Imagine this woman stepping into your room, smiling, sitting your lap and wrapping her arms around your neck. If you want the ability to control a woman’s mind completely and make her emotionally enslaved to you, then this is the , you will be using cutting-edge Mind Control techniques to directly access her mind, push those red-hot Attraction Buttons and make her fall in love with you as quickly as possible.

However, given how For example, our attraction to a blonde, luscious Playboy model is automatic and instantaneous. At the same time, you will covertly If you’re looking for yet another "Pickup Artist" fad or magical “Dating Guru” tricks then I’m telling you right now that you won’t find any of that junk here. "Dating Guru" and "Pickup Artist" stuff are not real solutions, and deep down in your gut you already know that they don’t work.

Unlike "Pickup Artist" ebooks, Shogun Method contains the most comprehensive guide to Fractionation ever developed - with chock full of examples of scripts that you can use immediately on the woman you want to seduce today.

In all seriousness, the PUA industry is a very crowded one and some people try to stand out by inventing new theories or repackaging old ones. Trying to bring out her most intense moments of all of these emotions. Taking her on this emotional roller coaster builds an emotional bond between you and her that she probably hasn't even experienced with some of her best friends. Getting a girl to open up is the path to connecting with her, which can lead to other good things.

From a cursory glance I'd say fractionation theory is such a case. But this business of taking her on a rollercoaster or how taking her from a sad story to a happy story, etc, will build a bond stronger than she has with her friends, is bullshit. Just facilitate conversation which hits on her emotions and motivations with regard to whatever topic you're on.

I'm happy to report that my woman's behavior has completely transformed for the better! and that's just based on the one technique that you taught me. " “I am perhaps one of your oldest clients, and I'm back in the dating game after a divorce.