Unlike a lot of the straight people my age, I’m not looking to get married now!

But I know that men wanting to “keep it casual” are a dime a dozen, and women constantly complain about men who won’t commit.

My friends would tell you that I am smart, funny, and charming. But the obstacles to my achieving fulfillment seem huge — I am scared that I’m going to just end up as another lonely, frustrated guy who dreams of being with women but knows they will never have him.

And I’ve done some things to explore my desires for women — and, yup, they feel as real as any straight guy’s. Talking with bi guys on-line, they all have nightmarish stories of constant rejection, so much that some have given up dating women at all.

So I’ve accepted that I’m really bisexual, and I want to make women a part of my life. I need to find women who would be open to someone like me. I know to rule out women who might have some religious or moral objections — no loss there.

Hell, most of the time, it’s not even a spectrum, it’s a combination multi-axis graph and sliding scale and sometimes people will slide around on that graph.

While there are folks who are resolutely gay, straight, bi or pansexual, there are also folks who discover that their sexuality has changed over time.

Sometimes it’s a case of they’re straight or gay but realize there’s feelings for one gender.

And other times, people may start off as completely gay or completely straight and over time discover that their sexuality is more fluid than they realized. Turns out that your sexuality was more of a moving target than you realized and you’re discovering this new side of yourself.And hey, congratulations on finding these new, fascinating sides of yourself!Now before we get deep into the weeds here, keep in mind: I’m a straight, cis guy.(It sounds really weird, and it’s been even weirder to live through.But bi people have told me that this experience is really common among them).The straight men I know all have stories of frustration finding available women and being subjected to various “head games” by women.