“On the big traditional sites, I maybe got one date in a year who understood my gluten-free lifestyle,” says Ms Romaya, 48.“You run into so many issues – choosing the restaurant, ordering the right meal….Coffee shops, ice cream parlors or frozen yogurt places are good first date destinations because they don’t involve a full meal, and you can always find something that’s gluten free.

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She recommends finding a local dedicated gluten-free bakery to buy sweet treats from for Valentine’s Day, or to have them delivered.

Sharrett also suggests approaching a restaurant before a date and finding out whether they have gluten-free offerings, or to hire a home chef to make a romantic gluten-free dinner.

“We’re in this together – it’s not a case of one person getting irritated because they can eat anywhere and the other worried about spending the next week on the toilet.” Based in San Diego, California, the site was launched in January 2013 by Marcella Romaya, who is also coeliac, and Sheri Grande.

Monthly membership costs $23.99 (£15.60); about 57% of members are female and 43% are male, and it currently covers only the US and the UK.

There’s a small amount of gluten that people with celiac can consume and consider safe, Sharrett said, and there is even less gluten than the limit in those products. The gluten in a partner’s body would have been processed too much to have an impact on a sexual partner, she said.

However, little research has been done on this subject.

This can be a big problem for young people, said Mary Kay Sharrett, a Nutrition Support Dietitian and member of Gluten-Free Living’s Dietetic Advisory Board.

“There are some kids that will decide not to follow their diet for that reason or for the meal in an effort to go out on a date and not draw attention to themselves,” she said.

“We love to cook together, and we love to eat out when we’re on vacation.

That would have been a worry rather than a hobby if we weren’t on the same diet.

The Celiac Disease Foundation found that 70 percent of those with celiac disease reported a lack of energy affecting their sex life.