There's a lot that still has to happen, and I personally doubt that Google Play Music will shut down before 2020.Artist Hub, the mechanism that indie artists used to manage and distribute their songs through the Google Play Music subscription catalog and Google Play Store, was shut down April 30.Downloading and uploading music in Google Play Music No service is perfect, but if anyone tries to tell you Google Play Music is, give them a firm smack on the arm, because they're either lying or delusional.

There's still a lot we don't know, but as we find out more, we'll keep updating this space.

wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Google’s Play Music is Google’s music player app on Android.

We don't know when Google Play Music will be shut down yet, and Google hasn't released any kind of long-term timetable.

While we could make guesses, there's really no telling how long the migration to You Tube Music because there's still so much that needs to happen before it could happen, including but not limited to: way to go, and let's not forget that this is a plan with a lot of moving parts and a lot of things that can — and will — go wrong and will need to be tested, coded, and tested again by the developers on the unified You Tube/Google Play Music team.

Here's how to get what your want out of Google Play Music: Getting started with Google Play Music Whether you're a free user just looking to get your music into the cloud to stream or you just want to get the music you purchased in Google Play Music out of an encrypted cloud and into your hard drive, there's a few tricks to getting music in and out of Google Play Music's online locker.

Here's what you need to know before you burn a device authorization downloading or uploading music.So long as you keep paying for your current subscription, you should not be charged more.Yes, if you live in a country both services are available in, then your Google Play Music subscription should include You Tube Music, and you can try out the service right now.Your You Tube Music library at the moment exists separately of your Google Play Music library at this time and we are still a ways off from migration.You'll need to rebuild your subscription music library from You Tube Music's catalog if you want to use You Tube Music right now.Google will absolutely let you know when they migrate over your library.