Granted we were only there on a week day and it could have been an “off night” but still, given all the hype it was pretty lame.

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In case you didn’t know, up until 1999, Macau was a Portuguese colony.

A friend of Charlie’s that used to live in Macau recommended Fernando’s, a Portuguese restaurant which is apparently one of the famous mainstays of Macau that’s been there forever.

I’d say it’s worth a visit but not sure I would go back next time I visit.

Full of greasy Portuguese food and sangria we decided to head out to the casinos and try our luck since it was too early to party.

The most offensively priced thing was the $100 USD lap dances though.

This was not to take a girl home, just a lap dance and who knows if it would even be topless or nude!Go down to basement 1 and you will find something like the Chinese equivalent of a classic US greasy spoon.It’s obviously a 24 hour restaurant, the food looks questionable but it does have ~ USD Tsing Tao beers which was a huge improvement from the over-priced gogo bar.--------What Our Members Say:"I've met people I'd never have met otherwise.It just makes life a little better in my opinion.""[It's] probably one of the greatest sites...We didn’t find much at all short of a bar advertising “ladies night” with “free drinks for ladies” which turned out to be a small, upstairs gogo bar full of Eastern European hookers of varying degrees from the highly questionable up to decently hot.