Our year 13 students celebrated another excellent set of IB Diploma results yesterday, with an average point score of 38 in comparison to the global average of 30.

Nearly half of the group got 40 points or higher and all medicine applicants got into their first choice university.

Most faculty exam board decisions are issued after the end of the May/June assessment period, in late June or early July.

There is no specific timescale for this, but the general guide is that you should hear something within 25 working days.

The faculty exam board decision stands until your appeal is successful.

Faculty exam board decisions include things like whether you can progress to the next year of study, whether you will be allowed to resit any failed units (for capped or uncapped marks), and what your final degree classification will be.

Exam boards also have the power to require students to withdraw from their course.

We’d like to hear if your appeal succeeds, and we can advise further if the appeal isn’t successful.

The Local Stage decision comes in the form of a letter from your Faculty Education Director explaining the reasoning behind the decision.If you’re out of time for appealing, it’s possible to request a late appeal if you have a good reason why you weren’t able to appeal within the deadline. Faculty exam boards are bound by University regulations.They never increase marks, but they can disregard marks.You can graduate even if you are appealing – if your appeal succeeds you will be issued with a new degree certificate at a later date.When you receive the Local Stage decision, please get in touch with Just Ask straight away.Once you have read all the information below and you want to appeal, please use our Appeals Wizard to create a draft form.