In January 2019 Sorrentino began serving an eight-month prison sentence for tax evasion.Sorrentino was a cast member of Jersey Shore, which debuted in 2009 and finished in 2012.

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) They say if you want to make God laugh, announce your plans.

We don't want to get too deep into a discussion about fate and theology in an article about the season premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, but it's hard not to contemplate the apparent randomness of chance when considering the strange case of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

He gained his nickname “The Situation” when a girl complimented his abs while walking with her boyfriend on a beach in New Jersey.

The girl's boyfriend was angered by her complimenting another guy, and Sorrentino's friend joked that his abs were causing a "situation", or a problem between the couple.

It's been three months since Mike Sorrentino reported to prison to begin serving an 8-month sentence on tax fraud charges.

The Sitch is admittedly guilty of concealing more than million in earnings from the government, but because of the ways in which he's turned his life around and dedicated himself to service in recent years, he's been on the receiving end of an outpouring of sympathy and real concern.The Situation put his d-bag ways and horrendous fashion choices behind him to tie the knot with the love of his life in the guido-iest of venues -- a big gaudy palace right off the Jersey Turnpike.Now that Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back on the air, viewers can see what a crazy year Mike Sorrentino has had.So, let’s get started on Lauren Pesce’s wiki, age, biography and she met him. She used to work there as an Associate Buyer at Saks.Also, Lauren Pesce is a trendy style blogger and runs her blog called The Style BAE.Since appearing on that show, Sorrentino has been a guest on TV series including The Howard Stern Show, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, The Jay Leno Show, Lopez Tonight, Sports Nation, Chelsea Lately, The Ellen De Generes Show, and Conan.