I’ve heard from a couple people (most recently Andy Anderson) that there’s a scam going around where someone will email a photographer with a 10 day shoot overseas and then ask them to pay half of a work permit to guarantee they will show up for the job.It’s more involved then that with phone calls to a real person supposedly looking to hire a photographer but the idea is to get you to pay the fee. Another variation is an offer of a shoot in your local area, where they will send a deposit or offer the full fee, where you would keep half the fee if the shoot is canceled.The inquiry was from a Kevin Rolland from DL Tech Solution in Lake Worth, FL.

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We started to get suspicious at this point that it might not be a legitimate situation, so we tried to contact the shipping company that he provided and they want us to rush payment of $1100. At this point we did an internet search of the shipping company and found out at this point that the shipping company and Mr.

Wise are fake and it appears as if they are conspiring to scam people as they attempted to have us wire transfer the money for the shipping amount of $1100.00 to an international location.

could I please wire the difference to the shipper so they could get started.

I was totally suspicious but when the check cleared I was more convinced that it was an honest error.

Wise the total amount of the monument which was $1200 and the total shipping cost which was $1100, for a total of $2300.

We tried several times to have him call the office and he did not provide a contact number, all he wanted to do is communicate via email. Wise then wanted us to rush the order and make payment to the shipping company.

If you send the refund, you will be out that amount when the check clearing system finally runs its course and debits the bogus check amount.

I haven’t experienced this one, but a few months ago I was nearly scammed on a fine-art print order…

While I was typing this complaint, I got a call from a Canada number (01/26/2018 @ AM MST) 1-415-506-1284 and a call from San Fransisco 1-415-506-1284, and the caller ID showed a different name that John Mc Laren however, The caller identified himself as John Mc Laren and he wanted me to do a wire transfer of 00.00 immediately.

I advised Mc Laren to send me an invoice and that we would pay the invoice. I want to order for the below items for my customer's here, I want you to reply back with the total cost plus shipping quote.

Once I have these details, I will get back to you with my credit card details immediately for payment. Her so called shipping company sent a quote for the shipment and I forwarded it back to her. HO10 C Jenette PM (2 minutes ago) to me Hello, Thanks for your response, i appreciate your quick response, Please i want you to add the Standard Shipment cost to the total cost of my order and let me know the total cost, Because, i just got a response from my shipping Agent that He cannot receive payment via credit or debit card from me at the moment due to some circumstance beyond their control.