Every once in a while, though, she found some man with interesting things to say, who was polite, and seemed to appreciate her company.

She could talk for hours, too many really, but since virtual reality had to substitute for a social life, she thought, “what the hell do I need sleep for?

Bet you got a lot of offers after I left the room, but hope I’m the only one who got your email address.

I loved chatting with you, but afterwards, I realized that I said a lot of personal stuff, and I wish I hadn’t.

I need someone to talk to, but don’t like the world to listen in, so I’ll try this for a while, and we’ll see what happens.

A night with Knight by Ronde To: Tiny [email protected]: Knight@Subject: Our chat last night I enjoyed our chat last night.

Think the other guys did too, if their comments were any basis to judge by.

“Strange,” she thought, “I really am trying to impress him.

It’s almost like when Rob and I were first dating, when I wanted to come off as intelligent and sophisticated.” They had been returning daily emails for three weeks now, and both of them had relaxed a lot.Somehow, it didn’t seem as neat now as when she had first signed on with it, but the few friends in chat she trusted knew her by that, and if she changed it she would have to start all over.Last night, Knight had said “hi” when she signed on, and they had a marvelous session that probably had entertained the rest of the horny guys in the room as well, but it had felt great to have a nice guy be sympathetic to her loneliness without asking for her phone number, or telling her how good she would feel riding his 12” dick. ”, she laughed to herself over that one, and giggled as she typed “doubt it sugar,im tiny remember”.Thanks for listening Tiny Red She had run the spellchecker and re-read the text four times before getting enough nerve to click “send”.She didn’t want him thinking she was just some dumb broad looking for someone to listen to her.I’m happily married, in the same boat as your husband, and understand what he is feeling about the situation. At least you’ll have someone to tell about your troubles, and I’m pretty good at listening.