If properly used, this consultation can save you much more than an hour of legal fees. The Burleson law firm is centrally located in Birmingham, Alabama and handles divorces in any county in Alabama.A variety of reasons can cause this common mistake.A qualified Alabama attorney can be an excellent resource to answer your preliminary questions.

A few common examples are issues involving child custody, alimony or retirement benefits.

Understanding how judges decide these issues before you file your Alabama divorce can prevent expensive strategy errors.

Many Alabama lawyers, like The Burleson Firm, give a free initial consultation to new clients.

There is no obligation to hire the attorney and planning ahead makes your Alabama divorce lawyer’s job so much easier if you do file in the future.

They focus on the stress of the marriage or the thought that they need to get away from the spouse.

They fail to think about the long-term price that they will most likely pay if they mishandle the divorce.

Make sure that your information comes from a qualified source.

Don’t rely on well-meaning advice from non-lawyer friends and family members.

You need to be familiar with the most common Alabama divorce mistakes so that you can avoid them.