Still, knowing why he cheated can be helpful in terms of not repeating the behavior in the future.

ICD 11 Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder so while the US and the DSM are behind and do not have it yet, it will be for the rest of the world and eventually the US.

I often find myself thinking, “Sure, cheating is an option, but only one among many.

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In my experience, men cheat on women they dislike and disrespect but from whom it would take work to separate - because of children and pets, church, neighbors and family, mortgage, or sometimes just an unpleasant conversation. Men & women might get together from the neglect of their partners but usually men need affirmation, where women are grossly neglected by their husbands. Women are more apt to sacrifice when their marriages have died.

MORE women initiate divorce than men which is very telling. But BOTH want to feel loved and wanted and appreciated.

For those struggling, it is helpful to know that while there is no cure, there is help.

The definition by ASAM sure fits with the reference to addiction that is behavioral (eating, gambling, shopping, sex, porn, etc.). They think they can manipulate the situation after the fact to avoid consequence. Then when it doesn't work out their way they become enraged. Boredom is a great opportunity to talk about this with your mate.

Typically, each self-deception is supported by one or more rationalizations, with each one bolstered by still more falsehoods.

In the eyes of an impartial observer, such as a therapist, a cheating man’s denial typically looks about as solid as a house of cards in a stiff breeze, yet these men will doggedly insist their rationale is sound.Cheating will never solve ANY problem in life EVER.In your linked article about female cheating, you mostly emphasize things that drover the woman to cheat.I read about these things a lot and this is a very correct assessment of the male reasoning.Woman are usually (and I am generalizing) the ones running the home.Cheating typically takes place because of ignorance and immaturity regarding intimacy.