The girls in the music group Danity Kane were Aubrey O'Day, D.

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The group originally had five members, but Wanita "D.

Woods" Woodgett left the group in 2008 and Aundrea Fimbres left in 2014.

In addition to the sometimes romantically entangled "Making the Band" boy and girl groups, the tour will also feature breakout "Band" star Donnie Klang, who Diddy diverted from Day26 in order to offer him a solo contract with Bad Boy.

His debut, Come into My World, is due out in June, and the first single, "Take You There," is out now.

Although they disbanded, their third studio album, DK3, was released in October 2014.

Following the second disbandment, Richard continued to release solo music, while O'Day and Bex formed the duo Dumblonde.

The work and effort of so many others who never step foot on the stage. This seasons has just as much drama, if not more than the last few seasons, there is some how still room for feuding, love, and a lot of things that will remain a secret unless you tune in and find out for yourself why Making the band has become one of the greatest reality shows to ever hit the air waves.

During this season the talk is about the choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson who returns to contribute her talent and expertise to the show after exiting the show back in the first season due to an argument between her and the producer and creator of the show Mr.

Despite initial success, tension in the group led to a meeting with Diddy where, in the October 2008 finale episode of Making the Band 4, he removed O'Day and Woodgett from the group.

The three remaining members of the group carried on with previously scheduled promotional events before officially disbanding in early 2009.

All group members were ultimately released from their contracts with Bad Boy Records later within the year.