All residential septic systems that are within a single lot and rated to accept a total daily flow rate of less than 10,000 L must abide by the Ontario Building Code.

The two main items that dictate the size and design of a septic system in Ontario are the maximum daily flow rate and soil and site conditions.

First, you will need to figure out if the living space is exceeding the included limit of 200 square meters (2152 ).

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All residential septic systems in Ontario must be built according to the Ontario Building Code, notwithstanding of how the home will be used.

The septic system is engineered the same, whether the residence is a full-time or seasonal, or, whether only one person is occupying the house or four of them.

However, in the article below, we will give you the valuable information that will help you figure out the costs. It will fluctuate in price depending on the following factors:1.

Soil Composition: It is much cheaper to build a septic system on sand than on the rock.

All daily flow rate calculations start with the number of bedrooms.

Most people believe it is based on the number of bathrooms or current occupants, but that is not the case.The proximity of materials to your building site: Septic systems need a lot of materials to be trucked in.This includes a concrete tank, septic sand, clear stone, etc.The level of underground water: If you have a high water level on your lot, you will need to raise your septic field.That usually includes importing septic sand and installing a pump.3.These are located underground and connected to the house by sewage pipes.