While Pierce’s op-ed parades itself as an attempt to call out bullying behaviors, in reality, the curious timing and off-beat focus of Pierce’s commentary demonstrates an attempt to villainize one of the most prominent voices in defense of Joseph.

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However, if Pinkston’s so-called “tirades” have plagued the Nashville school board community for so many years, then why has Pierce waited until Ironically, Pierce expressed her concerns about the example Pinkston is “modeling” for our children.

She even calls on city officials to “publicly denounce” his behavior, yet remains eerily silent on the behavior other members of the school board have modeled for the children watching this center-stage debacle.

Pierce seemingly has nothing to say about one White school board member’s decision to encourage masked protests as a form of disapproval of the director.

She also seems unconcerned about the precedent such a racially entangled threat may establish within the Nashville community.

Pierce also omits school board members’ decision to pen an op-ed last fall publically calling for Dr.

Joseph’s resignation, brings no attention to the fact that the director has been the target of numerous accusations, faced a state proposal for a one-year suspension of his license, been criticized for his taste and use of music, and ultimately faced the circumvention of his own legitimate contract.

“We’ve never talked about something like this.” Dall said the two began dating in spring 2002 and had unprotected sex for the next four years.

She said that on several occasions during that time, Alomar refused to get tested for HIV, despite severe fatigue, sores on his mouth and throat, a constant cough and an infection of the esophagus that is associated with AIDS.

First Pierce was distant with Chloe all this was part of his plan to finally die.