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With fer calling it “worse than shit” and others joining suit in somewhat more PG-friendly terms, it’s safe to say the map got the worst reception out of any competitive one from the pros to date.

Vertigo’s always been one of those non-traditional meme-y maps with players regularly plummeting to their deaths from the top floor or working with mega-boosts from the lower one up on older versions of it.

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Its about planting the bomb and do 15 rounds of afterplants, it goes so much against what csgo require of teams and players.

@csgo_dev 2/2— Mathias Lauridsen (@MSLcsgo) May 17, 2019We’ve seen these problems elsewhere in the past and they ended up completely crippling a map: just like how Valve couldn’t figure out a way to create manageable CT holds on rotations on Cobblestone despite multiple reworks made to the castle and its surroundings, it feels like something similar is developing in the early Vertigo meta.

It’s ludicrously difficult to hold onto a bombsite when it gets hit – and by a bombsite, I mean “A bombsite”, the one where most of the action seems to end up at.

Vitality’s ap EX hammered the point home with an amusing tweet of his own: There’s a good argument to be made that most maps with vertical elements don’t lend themselves well to competitive play.

And suddenly, it was thrust onto the esports scene.