"I'm the only nudist retreat that allows single males in," he said.

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Not only do they say that they have consulted only three men over their article but they also contradict themselves with regard to other articles they’ve published on aish.com, thus misleading vulnerable young women seeking advice.

I’d like to lay bare their misogyny and ask in what way it applies to young Jewish people looking to date.

“If a man doesn’t feel attracted to a woman within the first few dates, he’s probably going to lose interest.

A response to aish.com’s “Five Ways to Turn Off a Guy” (an article which has since been deleted due to its controversy, the text, however has been shared and is posted below).

"There are so many people having sexual problems," he said.

"The husband and wife go to work, the kids are at school and it is about making money, money," he said.My rules are simple, they have to respect each other and if you don't you are out."We are a house of sensuality where you can experiment with your sexuality in a safe, secure and private location." His 2.5 acre property offers a man-made "cave" which has a spa in it to add to the experience.Fourth: Being too open about your past and your feelings.I know I’m guilty of this at times, I over spill my emotions regularly, but I don’t think that’s always a bad thing."They are both impacted negatively through the impact of work. They forget a sex life is a positive biological exchange and it is missing from their life. People come to us, and ask, ' Can we do this in cave or in the bondage room?