As I pull the skirt to the floor I now undo my own belt and remove my trousers and shirt.

D has had a similar idea and we are now all naked and ready for more.

K gets me to straddle her face with my cock just above her lips.

He then moves his attention back to her bra which he lifts over K's breasts without undoing the clasp.

K lets out a moan of satisfaction as her nipples jiggle and are now exposed to the air. I have now found the top of K's lace panties, I move my fingers under their silky top and begin to pull them down.

As they hit the floor I place my head up under the hem line of her skirt and are confronted with the most perfectly shaved pussy I have ever seen.

The pussy lips are starting to puff out and the aroma of womanhood hits my nostrils.

D is standing behind K, he moves in closer and starts to massage her breasts from behind.

I drop to my knees in front of K and place my hands on her outer thighs. D begins to undo K's blouse, he mumbles into her ear that he has never felt breasts as perfect as hers before and peels back her blouse.I start to move in rhythm with D as we both fuck K in time. I am going to fuck your arse hard you arse fucking whore." I reply with "K you are a bitch slut. " K starts to respond with her own "Oh yessss, My god you two are the best, Oh my god give it to me." Both D and I are now pumping as hard as we can.K starts to squirm and then yells out for us to call her names. D's pelvis is slapping against K's and his balls are making a smack smack sound as they pound against K's arse.D pulls K back onto the bed and positions himself so K has full access to his engorged member.I position myself under K so her pussy is right above my face and I move in for the attack.D is leaning back and now holding K's head trying to get her to slow but it is no good.