When we got into Tribeca we were excited that it surpassed our wildest expectations about what would happen and then as it got closer to the festival I started getting more nervous because I thought there are limitations to this style of film, it is guerilla filmmaking, and Tribeca shows very polished Hollywood movies with big Hollywood movie stars.

There was an inferiority complex of showing our movie alongside all these better-crafted films.

And Woody Allen’s Deconstructing Harry was an influence, too, because it shows a completely unhinged, very angry and very bitter side of him.

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We were on the road for nine days shooting that movie.

Being a part of that process and seeing how he worked, how he focused more on performance and talking intimately with all the actors who were in it and trying to form a foundation based on everyone’s input, that influenced me greatly when I went off and made my first New York movie, Richard’s Wedding.

Well, first, I used to make movies on film with bigger crews and dolly track and jib arm and all this stuff, and we’d have proper production and production schedules.

I met Alex Karpovsky at Sundance 2011 and he cast me in Red Flag and that movie was made with a tiny crew of like four people.

I don’t know if I feel like I’m in any scene but then you’re at the White Reindeer wrap party and you see familiar faces at all these screenings where we’re all doing the same thing – scrapping together as much money as we can ($20-, $40-, $60,000 – no money) and trying to be supportive of each other’s work.

You worked with Alex Karpovsky before he became known for his role in Girls – has his newfound fame caused more interest in the movie?We spoke to Tukel today, following a premiere party last night that lured Karpovsky and others to the Brazen Fox in the East Village.Is there something about Bushwick that lent itself to a vampire film?The week before the festival it was awful: I was finishing the film and watching it and watching it and hating everything about it, just nervous about the premiere. It was amazing and fun and magical and then the next day we have two reviews and it’s ecstatic to read a positive review and I told myself I wouldn’t be bothered by negative reviews if it’s a fair, good review, but reading a biting review of the movie where it feels like they didn’t respect…. To be honest with you, we hope we can sell the movie and get our money back, so there’s the stress of that.This is a market, so there are buyers here at the market, but you get nervous because no one’s buying movies anymore for anything like what the filmmakers pay for it.One of the buzzed about movies at the Tribeca Film Festival this season is Bushwick filmmaker Onur Tukel’s Summer of Blood, a vampire mumblecore rom com that Vulture describes as “what might happen if Woody Allen and Lena Dunham found themselves collaborating on a Roger Corman movie.” The Dunham comparison is apt: Tukel co-starred in Alex Karpovsky’s Red Flag and now Karpovksy (Ray from Girls) appears in Tukel’s movie, as an office drone who watches his neurotic, lazy manchild of a co-worker descend into insatiable blood lust.