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I was on the app and I got a random message that said something like how I was inappropriate or I used hate speech or something. My friend actually got the same message and I know SHE was not the type of person to get banned.

The app would allow you to make an appeal within 3 days but I doubt they will look at it.

It was also hard to get widely known unlike websites like You Now.

There is many things I don’t like about this app but the main thing is how it bans you for no reason. I have never done anything like this and I saw a lot of people on live and they were being inappropriate but they never got banned.We are very sorry to learn of this frustrating issue. After we receive the related info, we will investigate fully what occurred. One day Wolwerine while it was checking that the school of the mutants was to place he/she saw storm that the shower was doing.As a show of appreciation for the double-pounding, Tabitha tossed boomballs into the pool, where they sent up geysers of water similar to shells fired from a destroyer.Jean and Jubilee rolled over without uncoupling, putting the younger girl on top.Having sex in the X-Men is the hottest and the sexiest…