When learning about the hazards of chemicals and toxins in chemical hair products, it’s only natural to become more aware of chemicals in other products that we put in and on our bodies.

Once a natural woman starts learning what chemicals to look out for in her hair and skin products, she will start reading the labels on everything and looking for healthier alternatives not just for hair but for foods, beverages and other types of cosmetics. Yes, You Can Touch Her Hair Another great advantage of dating a woman with natural hair is that you can run your fingers through her hair without her getting offended.

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Depending on the look, feel and texture, their are various groups your hair type can fall into.

We as black women generally have what is called type 4 hair.

Thank you @for fitting them so last minute⭐️ A post shared by MOLLY-MAE (@mollymaehague) on From early Instagram posts, we can see that Molly-Mae originally opted for a more caramel blonde with waves in her hair but now likes the sleek white-haired look.

In other pictures where Molly-Mae’s hair is starting to grow out at the roots, we can see that her natural hair colour is a mousy medium brown.

A woman who can defy the standards set before her and create her own is a woman who is dripping with confidence.

When you see a woman unapologetically sporting her big, beautiful natural mane, you know she is confident and has embraced her identity. She will Raise your Children with Confidence and Pride Your natural lady is already dripping with confidence so naturally, it would only rub off on your children, right?However, its moisture retention capacity is much higher than that of the other type 4’s.Due to the naturally defined curls and their moisture retention capacity, wash n’ go hairstyles look great on women with 4A hair.Women with natural hair are extraordinary women to say the least, and dating a woman with natural hair can be a truly rewarding experience.When it comes to dating a woman who has embraced her natural hair, here are a few things to keep in mind about the natural lady who has earned garnered your attention. She Will Always Keep You Guessing Women with natural hair could have the advantage of being able to switch up their look from often.Especially if you have a daughter, wouldn’t you want her to grow up confident and proud of her identity just like mom?