Here this creative force is still hidden beneath the earth and therefore has no effect.

In terms of human affairs, this symbolizes a great man who is still unrecognized. He does not allow himself to be influenced by outward success or failure, but confident in his strength, he bides his time.

The hexagram is consistently strong in character, and since it is without weakness, its essence is power or energy. Its energy is represented as unrestricted by any fixed conditions in space and is therefore conceived of as motion. Thus the hexagram includes also the power of time and the power of persisting in time, that is, duration.

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THE JUDGMENT THE CREATIVE works sublime success, Furthering through perseverance.

According to the original meaning, the attributes [sublimity, potentiality of success, power to further, perseverance] are paired.

To sublimity, which, as the fundamental principle, embraces all the other attributes, it links love.

To the attribute success are linked the morals, which regulate and organize expressions of love and thereby make them successful.

He must make himself strong in every way, by consciously casting out all that is inferior and degrading.

Thus he attains that tirelessness which depends upon consciously limiting the fields of his activity.

The Chinese word here rendered by "sublime" means literally "head," "origin," "great." This is why Confucius says in explaining it: "Great indeed is the generating power of the Creative; all beings owe their beginning to it.

This power permeates all heaven." For this attribute inheres in the other three as well.

Ch'ien / The Creative above CH'IEN THE CREATIVE, HEAVEN below CH'IEN THE CREATIVE, HEAVEN The first hexagram is made up of six unbroken lines.