I'm moving home to speed up the process of saving to buy another property in addition to my condo which I would still own throughout.

I live in a major metro area, so you can imagine any housing is expensive even with good income. Sometimes parents can forget you aren’t still 14 anymore? I had dated briefly awoman who was in her mid 30s who lived at home.

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Also the potential awkwardness if she lives with parents as well, in my age bracket I feel like at least one person has to have their own place to not make hanging out awkward, let alone sex. You gave a great reason right here, that you are saving money for another property. I know of a woman whose sister was starting a business ... And btw: the kind of person you want is someone who gets your thought process about temporarily living with your folks.

and she moved back home in her late 20s and 30s to get discount (can't remember if free) rent from her parents while she was getting the business off the ground. Almost by definition, the people who wouldn't get this are people who don't appreciate your thinking and thus would make disastrous partners. "Yeah...so, promise me you won't run away screaming, but I'm living my parents at this moment BECAUSE OF THIS SUPER AWESOME PLAN (then explain said plan)." Not well.

It might be intimidating, but if you want the best for your kids you need to get on a single parents dating site.

Let’s face it, raising a kid is hard enough with two people involved, and they need both a man a woman in the house.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Dating single parents shouldn't be the problem it is, and things are beginning to move in the proper direction at last with the help of technology.

I'm about to turn 31 though, so I wonder how that will go over with women in the dating world. BTW: another trick is to get this out there early and confidently.

Having just gotten back into things, obviously I haven't dated anyone long enough to the point where I have had to explain my living situation in detail, but I can imagine it might scare off some women despite the reasoning. The key here is that YOU have to feel good about living at home. If you feel good and clear, that will reflect in your body language.

Often, single parents are so involved with keeping food on the table and taking for their kids that they inadvertently stunt their ability to date.

Single parents need to basic boundaries with respect to their children when on the dating market.

Likely for at least a year to save a good chunk of money for a down payment, but hoping to do it quickly so I don't end up staying at home too long. and I'll be able to get this property in X months." That's just off the top of my head.