WCCO’s Mary Mc Guire spoke with a woman over the phone who confirmed she was the one who first encountered Jayme Closs on Thursday afternoon.

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pic.twitter.com/v31Nt Kv6Is — WCCO – CBS Minnesota (@WCCO) January 11, 2019 Up until Thursday, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald has said investigators had not received any credible leads in this case, despite thousands of tips.

“I could tell you the suspect planned his actions and took many steps to hide his identity from law enforcement,” Fitzgerald said.

He also said it didn’t appear that there was any social media connection between the kidnapper and Jayme Closs, and authorities are still investigating how he became aware of her.

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Authorities have recovered a gun consistent with what was used at the scene of the initial homicide that took place at the Closs home, but testing has not confirmed it is the same gun.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says the gun used in the homicide was a shotgun.

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