Remember that Reno is NOT racially diverse like San Francisco or Chicago.It's not a place where people in general can come into contact with Asians and see them as normal people.Crap, I will be moving to reno for my new job soon and I am asian. I have no opinion about Asian girls in Reno since I met none. The ugly truth about being an Asian guy and dating in a mostly white community is that it will be difficult. If you have lots of Asian girls to choose from, then at least you can date somebody. If white girls fail to show interest in you, it may NOT be because of racism.

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Bars and clubs were opening almost every other month.

This is the Golden Age of the Reno singles scene, but the Recession may slow that down. The Bay Area singles scene is like 1,000x better than Reno, but fortunately, the big Reno bar scene is confined in a smaller area roughly East of Virginia, West of Arlington, South of 4th St and North of the Truckee River, so you can swing a dead cat on a Friday or Saturday night in that area and hit at least one hottie.

You can only get away with a suit at two places in town, Nikki Beach and Edge. The women are grossly over weight and DO NOT take care of themselves........majority of the people here do not own a pair of dress shoes never mind a suit or for the ladies a little black dress.

It depressing and I have a friend who is living here for a short time and is starting to have depression problems because of the depressing lifestyle this area has to offer her.

Many do drugs and drink an awful lot but maybe that's because I meet them in bars.

I'm sure there are many serious women who want to settle down who don't hang at bars, but all I know are the bars.

In the evenings and afternoons when I visited I was the only Asian guy there. The reasons are too complex for me to explain but I think you understand what I am talking about. That constant 20-30 MPH wind makes any "dolling up" efforts moot two seconds after walking out of the house.

Among other things - People go into online dating with a shopping mentality. Maybe not in a bar but in a situation where you are doing things you like to do. You guys are just going to have to learn to like the wind swept look. Something that might be worth thinking about: when I was single, I met some nice, intelligent, personable guys in community classes (investment, theater, etc.) and in volunteer groups.

She may not appreciate being hit with a dead cat, but compared to some cheesy pick up line, she may prefer the dead cat. But many Reno girls are from California, so I'm sure they've been exposed to Asian dudes.