219,547 monthly active users — that is a pretty small number considering the amount of users on Facebook. Not even free dating websites such as Mingle2 or Plentyof Fish have four banners per page. As soon as you signup Speed Date publishes your Facebook profile for the rest of the world to see.

Turnoff two: As soon as I add the application I am bombarded with a huge banner to upgrade. My favorite quotes, movies, music, interests, about me…

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I’ve heard mix feelings about the website Speed so I was hesitant to try out their Facebook application. Connect with your matches to get to know them better Speed Date Advantage: This is the only Facebook application where you can chat live with webcams that I know about (please let us know if there are more! I have always been impressed with the live chatting capabilities.

Go on lots of live 3-minute dates with IM, video, and audio 3.

You failed at making a Facebook application and now you are failing at converting Facebook users into users.

Getting people to fill out forms can be tough, even if you are offering a free service.

I think an application similar to this where freshmen can meet other new students in their dorm/major would be a great hit on Facebook.

I really liked that I had 8 “speed dates” lined up when I was trying this out. Most of the women did not have webcams (or did not have them on — maybe they were at work?

Turnoff five: Unless you upgrade to a premium membership for .99/mo you are only allowed to see one small picture from each user.

I couldn’t tell if a girl was attractive or not so needed to see a bigger picture of her and Speed Date gives me a pop-up that I have to upgrade my account first. They will either bombard you with more ads than you can count or want you to pay .99 for a service that no one is using.

It was a bummer that none of them were online at the time, but maybe when I check again later tonight I will have more luck.

The first turnoff with this application was its memberlist.

It is very cool that you can meet people in your area. Say what you will, but I actually managed to meet single girls by using the browse profile feature on Facebook (now deeply hidden) and poke all of the hot girls that came up on the results page. They could see my profile after I poke them and I can tell they might be interested if they poked back.